What can a Compounding Pharmacist do for You?

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You might go your entire life without ever needing a compounding pharmacist. Or you might have already patronized one without even knowing it. For the millions of Canadians that visit a compounding pharmacist, the personalized approach to medicine is a major asset in health management.

Compounding pharmacies work with you

Pharmacists work with you and your doctor to elevate the quality of your healthcare. By formulating medications specific to your needs, compounding pharmacists can be an integral part of your healthcare team. Compounding is especially valuable for patients with chronic ailments, reduced mobility, or sever pain. Sometimes something as simple as an easy-to-open bottle of aspirin can make all the difference in the world.

Compounding is more individualized

The strengths and dosages of your prescribed medications is unlikely to fit your body’s specific needs. Patients don’t need to cut pills in half or quarters, which is an inaccurate way of taking medication. Instead, your compounding pharmacist can prepare the medicine in a more convenient dose that’s exactly as much as you need.

Or say for example that you have difficulty swallowing pills. Here too, your compounding pharmacist makes life easier with liquids, chewables, or even lollipops for the kids.

Compounding offers more choices

If you or your children are allergic to dyes or flavorings used in conventional medicines, a compounding pharmacist can formulate your dose without any additives.

The opposite is also true! Often parents have trouble getting their kids to take medicine, especially things like antibiotics that must be administered daily. Your compounding pharmacist can offer a wide variety of flavors to help the medicine go down, everything from root beer to mango.

Is compounding the right choice for you?

If you have unique needs that can’t be filled by a conventional pharmacy, or you are looking for a more personal experience than chain drugstores can offer, it’s worth your time to consider a compounding pharmacist. For more information on compounding visit Medicine Centre Langley at:

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